Wide range of electric MTB or mountain bikes, with the aim of fulfilling the wishes and expectations of the most demanding users. High quality Mountain Bikes from affordable to the most coveted prices.

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Electric mountain bikes

MTB or mountain bikes are particularly focused on off-road or unpaved use. They have a robust frame with either front suspension or dual suspension, wide tires with pronounced treads, multi-speed multiple gear systems and powerful brakes for safe control of the bike.

It's not just the ability to ride fast and control the bike over any uneven terrain that we expect from an electric mountain bike. We also look for comfort, safety and performance, a powerful motor and a battery with as much autonomy as possible. With these premises in mind, at Bikelec we manufacture our models and select the most significant models in the sector, each component taking on special importance when moving at high speed over uneven terrain and steep slopes.

Despite some similarities, mountain bikes have significant differences in a number of technical terms. Some Fatbike models have no suspension, their wide tyres provide minimal full suspension, for less aggressive riding and terrain such as snow, mud or sand. The most common versions of MTBs have front suspension and the most sought after are full suspension bikes, including folding bikes.

When choosing the right model, it is essential to know what you expect from yourself and your electric mountain model, how fast you want to go and how many kilometers you want to cover, whether it is for sporty use, whether it is for training your legs, your heart and lungs, adrenaline seeking to discover new limits or simply to relax in your free time.

Electrical and mechanical components, from the best manufacturers, come with a 2-year warranty.


Buying an electric MTB is the best decision.

Don't think twice, if your passion is nature and off-road bikes, here we offer you the best selection of electric mountain bikes. The models we include in this section are made to face any type of terrain, even the most inhospitable, without any setback. Face up to adversity and enjoy incredible rides in the middle of nature, crossing mountains with absolute peace of mind. Everything, down to the smallest component, is designed to withstand extreme situations.

Quality elements combine with an efficient, functional and attractive design. Do you like what you see? We have taken advantage of the constant evolution that electric bikes have undergone in recent years to achieve maximum reliability at more than reasonable prices. Intelligence in development on two wheels, ready and willing for you to make the most of it. Explore the limits and take advantage of the versatility of models that adapt to both the mountain and the city.

Riding comfort on this type of bike is of immense importance. It is not only about fun, but rather about the safety of the rider. A feeling of discomfort always increases the risk of a fall.

It is worth taking the time to see everything they have to offer and convince yourself that these bikes are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding off-road cyclist, whether it be aesthetics, quality or variety of options. And let's not forget the sustainability and environmental friendliness of their different electrical systems.


Buying guide to the best electric mountain bike for you

When we are going to buy an electric mountain bike, it is necessary to have good advice and a good knowledge of the different options available to us.

An electric mountain bike is a product designed for routes in adverse environments where it is essential to have a quality product without limitations.

The 10 most important points when buying an electric mountain bike.

  1. Duration of the guarantee.
  2. Price ranges.
  3. Type of electric motor.
  4. Engine make and power.
  5. Electric mountain bike Rigid or full suspension.
  6. Battery life.
  7. Wheel size.
  8. Quality of components.
  9. Type of frame material.
  10. Location of the battery.


  1. Duration of the guarantee.

When purchasing your electric mountain bike, you should be aware of the weak points of the bike you are buying.

The duration of the warranty is an essential aspect that will save us from future problems. On electrically assisted models intended for demanding mountain biking, the electrical system is always the most susceptible to failure.

An electric mountain bike that only has a six-month or one-year warranty on the electrical system will give you a clear indication of the weakness of the model you are buying. All manufacturers who develop quality electric mountain bikes offer a two-year warranty on the electrical part, which is a clear indication of the quality of the product.

Less than two years for an electric model designed to face the most challenging environments in the most unfavorable terrain seems insufficient, a precarious electrical system is a sign of vulnerability and deficiency and the last thing we need on a long route away from civilization is to have a weak point in the most important part of an electric mountain bike.

All the mountain models in this category come with a two-year warranty on the electrical system and are assembled with reliable, tried and tested electric motors and top-quality lithium batteries.


  1. Price ranges.

The price range for a mountain bike with electric assistance is between €1,300 and €15,000.

The options we will continue to discuss below and your budget will determine the range of prices within which you will move to determine your final decision.


  1. Type of electric motor.

The type of electric motor mainly refers to its location. In this option, there are two main differentiated groups. Electric motor located on the rear wheel or electric motor located in the center of the frame.


Electric wheel motor: this type of motor is assembled on the rear axle of the wheel, and is the best option for getting started in electric mountain biking due to its low price and great performance. A motor of proven quality, with a two-year guarantee and 250 W can generate 45 Newton meters, which is an extraordinary power if we are talking about nominal power, like the ones you are going to find in this section.

An electric wheel motor works through a sensor located in the center of the frame, on the bottom bracket axle. These are decay sensors that detect movement in the pedal stroke and deliver the power that we have previously selected through the level of assistance chosen on the digital display. The best electric systems with a motor in the wheel have five or nine levels of assistance, which means that depending on the level of assistance chosen, the maximum speed will be different.

Thanks to the sensor and the variety of assistance levels, we will always find the right speed for each section of the route we are trying to master.

The best, most powerful, most reliable and most experienced electric motors are Bafang motors, also known as 8Fun, no other electric wheel motor on the market will offer you the quality and performance of such a proven brand.


Central electric motor: The central electric motor is the best option available for those Riders looking for the most natural pedaling, as well as the most efficient and sophisticated motor.

The central electric motors are characterized by the fact that they work through three sensors, an effort sensor located on the bottom bracket axle, a rotation or torque sensor and a speed sensor. This is why we call them intelligent motors, as they anticipate the cyclist's needs in each specific situation.

Another great advantage of an electric motor located in the bottom bracket in the center of the frame is that it lowers the center of gravity, improving the stability and maneuverability of the whole assembly.

In this category, you can find the best central motors on the market, from the brands Bafang, Bosch, Brose, Shimano, Yamaha. Below, we detail the power delivered by each one, ordered from highest to lowest:


  1. Engine make and power rating.

Before looking at the powers and brands of electric motors available on the market, remember the maxim before purchasing an electric bike, the entire electrical system must have at least two years warranty. As all the models of the best electric motors on the market that we detail below:

  • Bafang 1000w M620 rated power, 160 Newton meters.
  • Bafang 500w M600 rated power, 120 Newton meters.
  • Bafang 250w M500 rated power, 95 Newton meters.
  • Brose Drive S mag 250w/500w rated power, 90 Newton meters.
  • Bosch Cx Gen 4th 250w rated power, 85 Newton meters.
  • Shimano EP800 250w rated power, 80 Newton meters.
  • Yamaha PW-X2 250w rated power, 80 Newton meters.
  • Yamaha PW-ST 250w rated power, 70 Newton meters.
  • Shimano Steps DU-E8000 250w rated power, 70 Newton meters.


  1. Electric mountain bike Rigid or full suspension.

Suspension systems are key parts in mountain biking.

One decision that should be taken into consideration before making the purchase is whether you prefer your electric mountain bike rigid or full suspension. This depends mainly on the intended use and the buyer's expectations.

On a hardtail bike, you only have front suspension with lockout and rebound control, whereas full suspension, or dual suspension, bikes are called full suspension bikes if they have damping at both the front and the rear. Full suspension mountain bikes are slightly heavier than hardtails and the starting price is a little higher.

The advantages of a full suspension electric MTB are obvious, greater comfort, superior traction and the possibility of much higher speeds on the roughest terrain. They definitely provide greater freedom of movement on uneven terrain.

The best suspension brands, shown in order, available for electric mountain models:

The final price of a suspension depends not only on the model, but also directly on the suspension travel, divided into disciplines for mountain biking between 100mm and 130mm Trail and CrossCountry, 140-160mm All Mountain, 170-180mm Enduro and up to 200mm Downhill.

FOX Suspensions

Fox front suspensions: 32 (Trail), 34 and 36 (Allmountain), 38 (Enduro) and 40 (Downhill), differentiating the top of the range Performance with black bar and the top of the range Factory with Kashima finish.

Fox rear shocks: Float DPS, DHX, Float X, Float DPX2, DHX2, Float X2.

Suspensions ROCKSHOX (From Sram group)

Rock Shox front suspensions: Judy Silver TK, Recon Silver TK, Gold 35 RL, Reba RL, Relevation RC, Bluto, Yari RC, Pike, ZEB, Lyric RC, ZEB Select, ZEB Ultimate, Pike Ultimate, Boxxer.

Rock Shox rear shocks: Monarch RL, Deluxe, Sidluxe, Deluxe Nude RLC3, Sidluxe Ultimate, Monarch RT3, Super Deluxe, Vivid R2C, Super Deluxe Ultimate, Monarch Plus RC3, Vivid AIR R2C.


SR SUNTOUR Suspensions

Sr Suntour front suspensions : XCM32, XCM34, XCR 32-36", Raidon, Epixon, Zeron, Aion, Axon. Auron, Durolux, Rux.

Sr Suntour rear shocks: Edge, Epixon, Raidon, Triair.


RST Suspensions

Front suspensions Rst: Rst E-mtb: Vogue, VivAir (E-mtb)

Rst CrossCountry: Reveal, Aerial, Alpha, Omega, Blaze, Gila, Capa, Blade.

Rst All Mountain: Rogue, Titan, Storm, Stitch.

Rst FAT models: Renegade and Guide.


  1. Battery life.

Batteries are a fundamental part of electric models, in all manufacturers you will receive a 2-year warranty, except in models equipped by BMZ, with LG cells, where you get a 4-year warranty on the cells.

Lithium batteries, Samsung, in the best cases, as in the Rodars models, provide great autonomy thanks to the high performance provided by the cells.

The lithium-ion battery capacities available in the various electric mountain models included in this category are detailed below:

  • BMZ Downtube 375wh (10.4ah) - Battery
  • Rotwild models with Shimano engine EP800, RX375, RE375, RG375
  • Bulls with Shimano Steps DU-E8000 engine (E-Core En, Evo Am1, Am2)


  • Bosch Powertube 400wh (10.8ah) - Battery
  • Hardseven/Nine 4.0,
  • Bulls models with Bosch engine available with 3 battery upgrades, 400wh being the lowest of them all.


  • 500wh battery (13.5ah) -
  • Haibike Full Seven/Nine 4.0, 5.0, HardSeven/Nine 5.0, Downhill, Full fat six.
  • Bulls models with Bosch engine available with 3 battery upgrades, with 500wh being the average battery.


  • 555wh battery (15ah) -
  • Bulls models with Brose Drive S mag engine, featuring three battery options, 555wh is the smallest of the three.


  • Intube 600wh battery (16.2ah) -
  • Haibike models with Yamaha engine, All MTN 6.0, 7.0, CF 6.0, SE with carbon frame.


  • Bosch Powertube Battery 625wh (17ah) -
  • Models with Bosch engine, All Mtn 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, Fullseven/nine 8.0, 9.0, 10, Hardseven/nine 9.0, 10.
  • Conway Syron as S 2.7 and S3.7 with Bosch engine.
  • Bulls models with Bosch engine available with 3 battery upgrades, 6250wh being the highest of them all.


  • Intube 630wh Battery (17.2ah) -
  • Haibike models with Yamaha engine, All MTN 1.0, 2.0, Fullseven/Fullnine 6.0, 7.0, HardSeven/Nine 6.0, 7.0, 8.0


  • 675wh (18.2ah) battery -
  • Rodars models manufactured in Spain, Stamina with Bafang M600 motor of 500w and 120 newton meters, M500 with 95 Newton meter.


  • Darfon 720wh battery (19.2ah) -
  • Conway models equipped with Shimano EP800 engine, such as Ewme 3.9, 5.9, 6.9.
  • 735wh (19.28ah) battery -
  • Rotwild model RX735 with carbon frame and Shimano Ep8 engine.


  • Bosch Powertube and BMZ (Brose) 750wh (20.3ah) battery -
  • Rotwild, carbon frame and 750wh battery, RC750, RX750, RE750
  • Haibike All Mtn CF-SE, Nduro 7
  • Bulls, Brose Drive S mag motor models in their second available battery version.
  • Bulls, Sonic series with carbon frame and Shimano EP8 motor, models such as Sonic Evo AM-SL1, EN-SL 1, AM SL2, EN-SL2
  • Conway models equipped with Bosch Xyron S 4.9, 7.9, 8.9, 9.9, 9.9 engine


  • 925wh battery (25ah) -
  • Model Rodars Stamina Fat double suspension, with M500 motor of 250w and 95 Newton meters.
  • Rodars brand, model Kraken Fat, front suspension, 250w and 500w wheel motor, completely made in Spain.
  • Bulls with Brose Drive S mag motor in the most powerful version of the three available battery options.


  • 990wh battery (19ah - 48v) -
  • Rodars brand, model Kraken 1000 watts, front suspension, central motor M620 of 1000w of power and an incredible torque of 160 Newton meter, completely manufactured in Spain.


  • 1110wh battery (30ah) -
  • Rodars, model Stamina, double suspension, central motor M500 250w and 95 newton meters of torque, completely made in Spain, assembled according to your needs.


  1. Wheel size.

Choose wheel size and width from 26", the most common in mountain biking is 27.5" or 29", in the 2022 season almost all brands go for mixed models with a 27.5" rear wheel and a thickness between 2.6 and 3.0" and a 29" front wheel with a thickness between 2.2 and 2.8".

All models have tire widths between 2.0" and 4.5", with the 4.0", 4.5" and 4.8" Fat tires for all types of terrain, greater stability and making the most of every unforeseen event in adverse terrain.

No environment will be inaccessible on an electric mountain bike if you are accompanied by the latest developments in the mountain biking industry.


  1. Quality of components.

Leaving aside the electrical system, the mechanical part of the bike is all about the frame, suspension, gears, brakes and rims.

SHIMANO derailleur systems sorted from lowest to highest quality and price:

Shimano mountain gears first price: Tourney TZ, Tourney, Tourney TX.

Shimano mid-range mountain gear systems: Altus, Alivio, Acera.

Shimano mountain gear systems: ZEE, Saint, Deore, Deore, Deore SLX

Top-of-the-range Shimano mountain gear systems: Doere XT, Deore XTR


SRAM shifting system sorted by price from the cheapest:

Sram gear systems first price: X3, X4, X5.

Sram mid-range mountain gear systems: X7, GX - 10v, NX, GX - 11v.

High-end Sram mountain gear systems: GX Eagle, EX1, X1.

Top of the range Sram mountain rear derailleur: X01, XX1, GX Eagle AXS, XX1 Eagle AXS.


SHIMANO Brake Systems

Shimano mountain bike brakes first price: Tourney TX800, Altus (M370, M2000), M375, Acera M3000, Alivio M4000.

Shimano mid-range hydraulic mountain brakes: MT200 2-piston, MT400 2-piston.

Hydraulic Shimano mountain high-end brakes: MT 520 4-piston, Deore (M610, M6000, M6100), ZEE M640.

Top-of-the-range Shimano hydraulic mountain brakes: Deore SLX (M670, M7000, M7100), Deore XT (M780, M8000, M8100), SAINT M820.

XTR (9000, 9100).


TEKTRO Brake Systems:

Tektro hydraulic mountain bike brakes mid-range: HD-J285, HD-M275/M276, HD-M282, HD-M285, HD-T290 Tektro Vela, HD-M290 Tektro Auriga

Tektro hydraulic mountain bike brakes high-end: HD-M520 Tektro Gemini SL 2P, HD-M750 Tektro Orion 4P

Tektro hydraulic brakes specific for electric mountain bikes: HD-T390, HD-E350, HD-E500 Tektro Auriga E-Comp, HD-E715 Tektro Dorado 2P, HD-E725/E730 Tektro Dorado 4P


MAGURA Brake Systems:

Magura eMTB hydraulic brakes, ordered by price from lowest to highest and separated by the number of pistons in the caliper:





Most models of mountain bike rims are produced by three major manufacturers.

The best manufacturer of mountain bike rims is the famous DT Swiss brand, followed by Mavic, with the Portuguese OEM brand Rodi in third place.


  1. Type of frame material.

The frames are an essential part of the assemblies, they must support the weight of the set and give robustness and lightness to the set, manufactured entirely in two types of material.

6061 or 7005 aluminum frames and carbon frame.


  1. Location of the battery.

In section 6, we reviewed the different battery capacities that provide different levels of autonomy.

The best location to house the different battery types of an electric mountain model is undoubtedly the diagonal tube of the frame, trying to assemble the battery in the closest position to the ground, thus keeping the extra weight centered and trying to reduce the center of gravity of the assembly.