Electric Tricycles

A tricycle is an excellent choice for someone looking for a vehicle that is efficient, easy to handle and offers great stability. An electric trike is an even better option and can be employed for a wide variety of purposes and uses.

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Electric tricycles

Electric tricycles are a welcome relief for cyclists who, because of age, illness, disability or simply because they never learned to ride safely on a bicycle and no longer feel confident in their balance on two wheels.

Some people look to electric tricycles as a great mobility solution. While a bicycle might be too difficult to ride, and especially when balance is an issue, electric trikes provide an easy way to ride with low bars, comfortable seats, and the highest possible stability. In addition, electric trikes allow up to five modes of assistance, a luxury if you don't feel up to the hard work.

Highlighting their great stability, it should be noted that electric tricycles are built to provide safety for the rider. Many hours of work have gone into making the trikes as safe and stable as possible. They have maximum cut-off speeds, preventing the trikes from receiving too much electrical assistance at certain compromising moments. Ensuring that all degrees of turns can be made without compromising stability and safety in the slightest.

It is therefore noteworthy that these electric tricycles do not, at first glance, appear to be motorized electric vehicles. To a passer-by, it will look like a normal trike. The motors are silent, and if you are pedaling while using the accelerator, no one will even know that you are receiving electric assistance.

Riding a three-wheeled bike, trike or electric tricycle may go against your riding instincts if you are used to two wheels: instead of leaning over to steer the bike, a slight p-movement by turning the handlebars is enough to take a corner. Any tricycle, electric or not, has limits to its cornering ability. While you will generally be very impressed with the handling of tricycles: their stability will probably make you overconfident, don't make the mistake of thinking you are invincible - if you make a tight turn at high speed you may lose traction if one of the two parallel wheels lifts off, and may even tip over if you don't slow down at high speed or make the turning radius wider. Once your instincts adjust to the trike's steering, you'll make smooth turns and find that you only need the lightest of touches on the handlebars to initiate the turn. A great option that solves the problem of tight turns is the tilt system that some models like the Eureka have, allowing you to take corners by leaning smoothly without taking the wheels off the ground.

In an adult tricycle, comfort is the priority, if we have chosen the option of an electric trike we can move without worrying about keeping our balance or putting our feet on the ground every time we stop or start the ride. In a three-wheeled electric vehicle you get more comfort if possible, leaving the weight of the journey in the hands of the electric motor.

Electric cargo tricycles

Electric cargo tricycles are perfect as the Hermes for transport. They come equipped with large baskets or drawers and their excellent stability makes them ideal for transporting the load of our daily work or electric tricycles with seats and belts to transport people safely.

The more you lower the seat height and your position with respect to the ground (the more you lower the center of gravity) the more stable you will make the Trike, many users are realizing this and as a consequence we are starting to see recumbent bikes where the rider is almost flush with the ground, although they have the handicap of not being able to exert sufficient force, due to their lying position, on steep slopes.

Electric tricycles for adults are exclusive, high quality, stable, fast and above all very useful in all aspects. Their improved stability systems with the balancing system and their high load capacity give them unique features.

Electric tricycles for adults

Electric tricycles for adults work very well in their mobility role. The different levels of assistance work exceptionally well to provide a safe speed with the help of energy that is applied in a fully controlled manner. The comfortable position of the rider, with a straight back, relaxed arms and no worries about foot placement or balance are a comfort bonus. Trikes as a form of safe mobility and the large basket or box to transport almost anything of a moderate size, make electric Trikes a very practical machine for everyday useful needs, and not only as a three-wheeled electric vehicle intended for leisure and fun. The European market is welcoming these three-wheeled electric bikes, so these three-wheeled vehicles will be an addition for a long time to come.

We definitely recommend a test ride on a tricycle for those users who are looking for an option to not worry about keeping their balance. It will keep you active and no doubt these electric tricycles will be very useful for transporting people or loads over relative distances, the power of the electric motors helps the ride even though on the outside they are normal looking machines but give us the option of getting some useful exercise as we go along.