You are considering an electric folding bike as a means of transport. Most users see electric folding bikes as the most versatile option. With intelligent folding systems, a vehicle that can be folded is the answer to the problems posed by our daily activities.

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Folding electric bicycles

Since their early appearance, folding bikes have attracted more and more users, and there are so many benefits to this type of vehicle that cyclists and users alike have embraced them.

Known as a new generation, they can be easily folded, and easily stored at home, in the workplace or in the boot. If you need to move, with one simple action they unfold and pedal back together.

Keeping fit and forgoing the expense of a car while protecting the environment and above all our health, are factors that are increasingly being taken into account. However, not everyone is happy to store an electric bike in the basement or garage, a folding electric bike can be stored anywhere.


Guide to buying an electric folding bike

Buying guide to acquire the best electric folding bike adapted to your needs, the first and most important concept is to know the quality of the product.


What guarantee does the electric folding bike I am buying offer me.

Before buying your electric folding model the most important thing to know is the warranty it offers. The most important part of an electric bike is the warranty on its electrical system because these are the parts most prone to premature failure.

An electric folding bike that offers you only one year or even six months warranty is a clear indication of the weakness of its components, if the seller does not offer you more time to fix its parts is because he knows in advance the precariousness of the components, such a short period is insufficient for you to enjoy your choice without worrying about early failures.

The variety of electric folding models that you will find in this section are all guaranteed with a two-year warranty on the entire electrical system. They are guaranteed and contrasted electrical systems that stand out for their quality.

Don't make the mistake of buying an electric folding vehicle for a considerable price without being covered by a warranty to match the purchase.


The 10 most important points in the classification of the different folding electric bikes:

  1. Duration of the Guarantee.
  2. The most relevant option for choosing an electric folding model is the wheel size.
  3. The second option is the intended use, the type of electric folding bike.
  4. Within the use for which the model type has been developed, we would classify them by the type of suspension: without suspension, with front suspension or full suspension.
  5. The type of frame, whether it is a high bar, medium bar or open frame.
  6. Quality of installed components.
  7. Battery capacity in autonomy.
  8. Engine power and location.
  9. Type of frame material.
  10. Location of the battery.


  • Duration of the Guarantee.

In this section, you will be able to locate the quality of what you are buying with a simple piece of information. The electrical system is undoubtedly the most important part of an electric folding bike, six months or a year of warranty is insufficient to make a purchase of a product of these characteristics.

All major manufacturers selling top quality products will offer you a two-year warranty on their electrical system.


  • Wheel size.

20 Inch- Once we have located the selection of electric folding bikes that present the right quality we must focus on the size of the wheel, the most common options are 20 inches, these are urban models that due to their wheel characteristics facilitate the start and penalize the use of each pedal stroke over long distances, they are models sought after for their small dimensions. The Pocket, Nessi, Kaiser and Rocket folding electric bikes fit this wheel size.

20 Inch Fatbike - the use of these new wheels is focused on the same area as their predecessors with the same wheel diameter, but because of their large tire width of four inches or more, they allow us to tackle different types of terrain with maximum guarantees. Moving around with that large amount of air in the tires is very comfortable and they generate great inertia to help us with each pedal stroke. The Fatty, Calispo, Rocketball and E-bob electric folding models have 20" Fatbike wheels.

24 Inch - a wheel size that is not widely used by manufacturers, but can be a great solution if you are looking to get the most out of every pedal stroke and a bike with a larger wheel size may be uncomfortable due to its high final height. Gran Calipso folding electric model.

26 Inches- The weaknesses in long distances that the models described above present are solved by choosing a 26 inch diameter wheel, with this size of rim we will get the maximum performance in each pedal stroke in long distances. Cuore folding electric bicycle.

27.5 Inch - Folding electric models that assemble 27.5 inch wheel sizes are more oriented towards mountain biking, but due to their great versatility they can also be used for city commuting. Raptor folding electric mountain bike.

26 Inch Fat- Fatbike wheels are those that are four inches wide or more, there is no great variety of this type of folding models on the market, they are used to travel on any type of terrain, whether asphalt, complicated roads, dense mud, fine sand or snow, nothing slows down the momentum of this type of tires. RaptorFat folding Fat electric MTB.


  • Type of electric folding bike.

The type of folding electric bike that best suits our needs will be classified by the use for which it has been developed, here we find two major classifications differentiated.

Electric folding models for urban environments where all the available wheel sizes are available, choosing one or the other depending on the type of route we have to face and whether we are going to use it for anything other than strictly urban use.

In another section, we would find the electric folding mountain bikes, due to their versatility and agility they are perfectly adaptable to city journeys but due to their geometry and components they are classified as folding mountain models, such as the Raptor and RaptorFat.


  • Type of suspension.

Three clear divisions encompass the type of suspension available.

Without suspension, those models focused entirely on their circulation on asphalt roads that stand out for their great agility and use of the pedalling. Kaiser Carbon.

With front suspension for use on other types of terrain such as rough roads or unpaved paths. Nearly all folding options.

Double suspension bikes that give you an extra boost to allow you to pedal in the most inhospitable environments. Raptor, RaptorFat, Rocket, Rocketball, Ebob, RocketFat, Rocketball.


  • Frame type.

There are three types of frames in the folding models.

High bar frame, where we mainly include sportier models such as folding electric mountain bikes.

Medium bar frame, less popular models within folding cycling due to the limitation we find when they are folded.

Low bar or open frame, the most conventional models that facilitate access for all types of users.


  • Quality of installed components.

One of the fundamental aspects of buying an electric folding bike is to have components of recognized brands, mainly in the battery which is directly related to the total duration of the warranty.

If the battery that will mount your electric bike is not from a recognized manufacturer such as Samsung Panasonic Sandio or LG it means that they are poor quality cells, which in any case will age at the same rate as the rest of the parts and in a few months you will see extremely diminished capacity. The same applies to the other components of the electrical system such as the motor and the display.

The gears should be Shimano or Sram, the brakes Shimano, Tektro or Magura, the suspensions Fox, RockShox, Suntour or RST in no case accept less than two years warranty on them.

By checking these premises, you will know that you are buying a quality folding electric bike. Since these components are the most important.


  • Battery capacity in autonomy.

It doesn't matter if the salesman tells you that you will be able to travel 150 km on a single charge if in a few months of use you will see that distance reduced by half, only high-density cells from well-known brands will be able to deliver the same range capacity over time.


  • Engine power and location.

The available power ratings for folding models with an electric motor range from 250 to 1000 W of power.

The location of the electric motor in most cases is on the rear wheel, but we can also find top-quality, high-priced folding models with a central location of the electric motor.


  • Type of frame material.

There are three types of material used in folding models, the first and lowest quality being steel frames, which are totally disposable due to their high weight.

Focusing on models of recognized quality we will only have two divisions, on the one hand, the characteristic aluminum frames, normally with a 6061 alloy, and at the other end the higher quality carbon frames where the total weight of the set can be half as much as in the Kaiser model we assembled with only 13 kilos of weight, an incredible figure for an electric folding model.


  • Location of the battery.

The location of the battery is located in three main areas.

Hidden inside the painting.

Behind the seat to neutralize the extra weight by being positioned under our axle.

Battery rack, they are the least used because they raise an extra weight in such an unbalanced area, which we will have to deal with in every curve or every time we man oeuvre with our folding model.


The world of folding bikes

The designation folding bicycle came into use from the 1960s and 1970s onwards, its appearance was a revolution that made clear the technological advances we had learned, outlining what modern bicycles would become and taking the spotlight away from the simple models we were used to seeing.

In terms of design, there are currently different models. The characteristic feature of folding bikes has long been the use of smaller tires. From one model to another they differ in size and weight, there are models with wheels from 12", 16", 18", the smaller the wheel, the more aggressive the acceleration and the shorter the top speed, the more conducive to short distances. The balanced formula - if you are looking for a folding bike that is as small as possible, and makes the most of your pedaling - is 20 inches. Also available are folding mountain bikes with up to 27.5-inch wheels such as the Raptor, folding FatBikes and folding electric bikes such as the Cuore model with 26-inch wheels. Follow the electric folding bikes buying guide in this section to get a better understanding of the world of electric folding bikes.

Appreciated by people who make long urban journeys by any public means of transport and require the benefits that a folding electric bicycle offers. You arrive at your stop, turn the key, release the safety lever, press lightly on the hinge to unlock the assembly and get ready to board. Many means of transport do not have a cycle compartment, or are often crowded, but a folding electric vehicle will fit neatly into any corner. When you arrive at your destination, you repeat the process and you're ready to move on together. You don't need to lock it up in the car parks set up for this function, your folding bike can go anywhere with you.

Caravanners on folding bikes

Motorhomes and electric folding bikes are inseparable companions. Clumsy houses on wheels are not the ideal transport for getting around cities or beach towns, once the caravan is parked and all the inventory is deployed, it is an arduous task to pick up and move a few kilometers to get to know the city, visit beaches or the surrounding area.

A folding electric bike fits easily into any caravan boot, you are looking for nature and savings and this type of cycle is much more than that. It keeps us fit and in touch with nature, we can travel long distances without needing to recharge and with the batteries of our motorhome we can fully recharge the lithium battery in a few hours.

Cities and tourist areas have long, strategic cycle lanes to make our journeys pleasant and safe without worrying about cars and other vehicles forcing us to remain alert for any mishaps that may occur.

A folding bike is undoubtedly the best solution to have all the advantages of an electric bike always at hand. Take with you the most agile, light and comfortable transport system on the market, without polluting or wasting time in endless traffic jams. Forget about looking for parking once you arrive at your destination, fold and unfold the bike in a few seconds to store it anywhere. It won't take up much space. Save time and money, many advantages, few disadvantages and, above all, millions of facilities to move around downtown and pedestrian areas. Folding electric bicycles have positioned themselves as an efficient and inexpensive means of transport.