Welcome to the best selection of electric bikes on the market, a wide range that encompasses the entire price range available for purchase. Bikelec was created in 2007 with the commitment to provide the most demanding customers with quality and prestige electric bikes.

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Electric bikes - Bikelec

The price range for e-bikes is enormous. A price range that goes from the cheapest e-bikes to the highest possible quality e-bikes, in this case the Rotwild models.


What is the best value for money e-bike?

Cheap electric bikes are available from about 1200 € and upwards, in this particular case a cheap electric bike is not synonymous with poor quality because absolutely all the models you can find on our website are purchased for parts from the best manufacturers in the world of cycling, and assembled by professionals who have been manufacturing and designing electric bikes and tricycles in our factory in León since 2007.

Two warehouses of more than 5000 m² are at the disposal of our customers, electric models that are assembled with components of the best quality and are distributed throughout Europe and some countries outside the European Union. Quality is not synonymous with high price, the electric models, both bikes and tricycles that we manufacture, assemble parts from leading brands in the world of cycling and within these brands we choose the top of the range and most sensible price versions so that at the end of the assembly we obtain a final product of high quality and performance for a really competitive price, The best proof of this is the two year warranty that you have on all electrical components and another two years on mechanical components, from Bikelec we challenge you to find another manufacturer of cheap electric bike first price that gives you two years warranty on electrical parts, nobody offers you two years on electrical systems, it is normal that they offer six months because they are aware of the weaknesses that they offer you.


The best cheap electric bike

Our electrical systems are tested since 2007 and fully contrasted, we assure you that you are buying components of the highest quality available on the market, do not be fooled by the price, because we have spent so many years dedicated to the same with total dedication and passion that what we do we do really well, it is not because we say so, but for all the years of experience we treasure and all grateful customers, because our only goal and our maximum and priority in the company is customer satisfaction.

An expert design team works daily to offer the best developments and the most avant-garde frames possible, so that you can drive a distinguished model of electric assistance totally innovative and with a radical concept, always thinking about keeping the final quality-price balance as tight as possible, so that our customers always benefit.

The assemblies of each model are made based on the customer's order, we have nothing manufactured before it is configured for you, if you want an electric bike with the maximum possible range we can assemble the best battery for electric bike up to 25 Ah Samsung, which no other high-end or foreign manufacturer can offer you. Electric bikes with great autonomy that are able to travel more than 200 km, a real madness unthinkable more than a decade ago when the bikes with electric motor were just beginning to be a reality.


The best ebikes

The best brands in the market, such as Rotwild and its amazing engineering team that is behind the brand and treasures a lot of patents in the bicycle world during all these years of return, have been relying on the company Bikelec for years to distribute their incredible ebikes that stand out for being by far the best in the market, to be distributed in Spain Andorra and Portugal, only the best brand of electric bikes and the best engineering sector could trust one of the oldest companies in the electric cycling industry and more experience and commitment treasures.

Years and years of participation in the world's best bicycle fairs and an early start in the segment have allowed us to share with you this category with the best selection of electric bicycles available.

An e-bike is an inseparable companion, in Bikelec's factory in León we assemble every part and component with the commitment to deliver a worthy ally that contributes to forge your most memorable moments.


Electric bicycle prices

The price range of electric motor assisted bicycles starts at 700€ - 1400€, in these electric models you will find the lowest possible components and of the worst quality, you will know this by asking about the warranty of the electrical systems, which in no case will be longer than 6 months, as this is the estimated duration in which the electrical parts will begin to fail. Not only will having to spend on new parts become a problem, the lack of spare parts will be an even bigger problem, as the electrical systems on the market are not compatible with each other, only the same part you have fitted will work. All models have an in-wheel motor and unbranded batteries.

The next price range for electrically assisted bikes is between 1200€ and 2500€, these models will be assembled with parts of the best possible quality and price, this is where all the models that we assemble under the Rodars brand can be found. Even if you do not understand models and ranges of components you will know that you are looking at a high-quality bike because in all parts you will have at least two years warranty.

The motors will also be located in the wheel, but they will be of a proven brand, as well as the batteries that we fit, which are all Samsung and Panasonic, the best possible quality at your disposal. If you look closely, not even the top of the range bikes have these batteries, due to their very high price.

One step up and you are in the price range between 2500 € and 4000 €, here you find quality bikes with mid-engines, high-end components and a wide range of possibilities.

The next station is the one that covers the vast majority of options available on the market, where the majority of e-bike reviews and the vast majority of users are focused. With prices ranging from €4000 to €6500/7000 you can find top of the range mechanical and electric components.

The top step of the podium with the best e-bikes on the market are those that have the same top of the range mechanical and electrical components but add a sophisticated frame and incredible engineering and development only discovered when you dig into the technicality and complexity hidden within them. At prices between 7000€ and 12000€ the level of sophistication, knowledge, experience and quality circumscribed here is often beyond understanding, it is brands such as Rotwild and their models that are driving the incredible technological development that is taking place in the sector. Their engineering is behind many of the patents that present the best new electric bikes available to us.

All this price range you have in this category, you will discover the latest developments in electric cycling. You will find the best electric bike offers and the most affordable prices by browsing this section, which brings together the largest selection of prices for bikes with electric pedal assistance on the market.