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 Trekking electric bicycles

An electric trekking bike comes into its own when we need to cover long distances in the most comfortable position possible. The main purpose of a trekking bike is to be fully equipped and ready to ride, whether it is for a long adventure over any type of terrain or simply for our daily commute to work.

You can use your trekking eBike regardless of the weather, and at any time of the day, thanks to the equipment that electric trekking bikes have, front and rear lights, efficient mudguards, dynamo, kickstand and a rear pannier rack that makes it easy to carry essential loads, whether it's a small bag for work or panniers for cycling adventures.


Mid-motor trekking bicycle

They are available with Bosch, Yamaha and Brose central motors in conjunction with their precise geometry for upright riding position make Trekking e-bikes ideal for longer distances and more relaxed riding.

Today it will be a trip through nature or a comfortable commute to our daily duties. With the standard equipment that trekking bikes have, high-end 10-speed gears, hydraulic brakes with large brake discs that allow us to venture into unfavorable terrain and short travel suspensions to not lose efficiency in pedaling, but to be able to enjoy the trips in any terrain. Wherever you go, your electric trekking bike will accompany you in comfort, style and convenience thanks to the sophisticated components that come as standard. If you're looking for a versatile electric bike to accompany you on your daily adventures, you'll find it in the Trekking range.


Different geometries of electric trekking bikes

We can choose between a trekking ebike with a tall diamond frame, a medium bar frame for easy access or an open frame, known as a step through without a bar.

Ride on streets, trails and bike paths with style, power and elegance. The trekking designs are eye-catching and the unrivalled performance delivers an unbridled experience that knows no bounds. They'll get you where you want to go, with distinction.

The main advantage of these electric trekking bikes is their comfort thanks to the different geometries that adapt to all types of users. Their upright position and arms in the right position guarantee that you can cover kilometers without fear of stiffness.


Electric system for trekking bikes

When making your choice, make sure you select the right type of motor. If you want to ride over more demanding terrain or longer distances, exerting yourself at all times, choose a mid-motor electric trekking bike. The rear wheel motor is perfect for all terrain or city riding, with quick and efficient starting, but it's up to you to choose whether you want to push yourself or let the motor carry all the weight of the journey. 

The great autonomy provided by the battery makes them the best option for long journeys, although they are also suitable for riding on city tarmac, open roads or light terrain.

Everything you need for a safe, stylish and comfortable ride you get on board an electric trekking bike, with everything you need to make it an epic adventure. High torque hub or wheel motors, puncture-resistant 28" or 29" tires, reliable hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, a handy luggage rack for those long rides, perfectly packaged in an attractive design that will make you feel as good as your ride.


Top-of-the-range electric trekking bicycle

A high-end electric trekking bike is equipped with the latest connectivity features, such as navigation, which contribute to the overall user experience and encourage the discovery of new directions and the urge to explore.

The demand for electric trekking bikes has increased considerably. Everyone wants a bike that can do it all. A bike that is safe, comfortable and versatile enough for all kinds of situations. Today's E-trekking bikes are very versatile and state-of-the-art, the best are true all-rounders that offer intuitive and gentle handling, instilling confidence in the city, on unpaved roads, loose gravel as well as on general roads. To do this, they have to combine seemingly opposing characteristics, treading a fine line where it is crucial to find the perfect balance between comfort, safety, stability, thrust, performance, range and maneuverability. Good trekking ebikes are agile enough, with and without luggage, to be enjoyable while riding, with a relaxed riding position that remains comfortable over long distances and smooth handling at all speeds. Reliable components and a robust chassis are essential. Concepts must be complemented by modern-looking designs, suitable geometries and exciting concepts for everyday use.


Trekking bike without electric motor

If you want to buy a trekking bike without an electric motor for hiking, weekend rides and cycling trips with or without luggage, you run the risk of buying a bike that is less capable and considerably less safe than the latest technology allows. Spending money wisely and avoiding the wrong choices can be difficult, even if you know exactly what you want. With an electric trekking bike, you're sure to be able to harness all the momentum to savor any journey with the confidence that comes from the thrust of the electric motor and the endurance of the lithium battery.

Maintaining maneuverability on the bike is just as important when the bike is fully loaded on the rack, so that you can tackle multi-day rides or daily errands without compromising the stability of the whole without compromising the stability of the whole, and the electric motor helps you do all this and more.