For most of us, a bicycle is no longer just a means of transport to get us from one place to another quickly. Nowadays, a bike has to be much more to us. Special shapes, bright colors and exceptional comfort are the most important aspects when buying your vintage electric bike.

Set Descending Direction

Electric cruiser bicycles

The beach cruisers of the 1950s were the classic bikes, which today are summarized under the name of cruiser bikes. With their beautiful, curvy frames and balloon tires.

It is not only the design and the wheels that make these works of art something special, with a comfortable posture, a straight back thanks to the geometry and the comfortable, wide, spring-loaded seats of the Cruisers that give the feeling of sitting in a comfortable armchair. Suspension in the seat post and ergonomic handlebars, also called moonbars, make it easy to keep your arms relaxed, so that riding an electric cruiser bike is not only comfortable, but also healthy.

Are you looking for an electric bike with personality, something different from conventional models? Then a spectacular cruiser is the right choice. The special feature is their amazing designs. The Bikelec online shop offers you a wide range of exceptional electric cruiser bikes.

The custom origin of our models gives them that classic flavor. A vintage aesthetic for lovers of vintage style, with urban designation and a lot of class. It's hard not to like these bold cruiser frames. They ensure unlimited enjoyment wherever you go.

Different cruiser, retro and classic models with design, originality, comfort, power, autonomy, stability and... a lot of kilometers to ride! Our range of models under the Rodars brand is complete because we boast high quality electric bikes at very affordable prices. Versatile and fun, very fun, and really different from traditional models.

A ride on a Vintage electric bike is enjoyed with passion

In the 1940s, a prototype that took all these details into account - the beach cruiser - was seen for the first time. These models inspired everyone. The beautiful colors and unpublished shapes must have been protected by copyright.

By enjoying life on a bike, we unintentionally exercise our bodies. And this is great news, because your joints are burdened by the fatigue of everyday life and insufficient sport. You should at least be able to relax painlessly when pedaling and be able to leave stress behind and enjoy the immense pleasure of cycling. Supported by a beneficial upright position. This allows us to cover even longer distances without signs of fatigue on our cruiser.

Pure elegance, that's what these retro or classic electrics look like. The curved lines of the frames seem to intertwine in a complex weave leading to smooth lines to give meaning to these bewitching designs. A normal bicycle with an electric motor is based on looking for the best position for the rider and putting together the best components, in an electric cruiser bicycle you start with the sketch and add the best components that combine brilliantly, enhancing and giving notoriety to the resulting idea.

This style turns cycling into pure passion and becomes more and more attractive for the user. These beach models will open up new ways to have fun.

Beach cruiser: pleasure and safety

Cruiser cycles are not just simple transport vehicles, they are pure driving pleasure.

The extra light 6061 aluminum frames have a positive effect on the weight of the wheel. The default rim size is 26 inches. Thanks to the wider tyres of up to 4.0 inches they have a better grip. They are equipped with disc brakes and have sensors in the levers that will switch off the power to the motor if they are touched lightly, bringing the electric bike to a stop in the shortest possible time and distance. In this way, greater safety is guaranteed through shorter braking distances.

The cruiser bike of your dreams

At Bikelec, we assemble the bike of your dreams, choose from all the frames available or send us the frame you like the most, we assemble the bike from scratch. Different models, types, sizes and widths of tires are available, assembled on double wall rims to withstand the power of electric motors.

Thanks to the digital display you control the power of the electric engine. The high capacity Samsung batteries will be a perfect companion to reach unreachable places and discover new landscapes. A front or rear carrier is always an option on this type of model, even a nice basket, if it's about getting there and doing everything we couldn't do before, we're sure to need space.

Among the cruiser models, the Route66 stands out, this extraordinary frame is a work of ingenuity. A frame adapted to fit 3.0 and 4.0-inch fat tires, the result is pure comfort. This is the Cruiser Fat Outlaw or Bonneville model, following the classic beach cruiser line inspired by the racing bikes of the fifties. Discreet and with an intoxicating design, they not only stand out for their unbeatable comfort with the suspension on the seat and front bar, straight back and lowered arms, but also for their ingenious geometry that allows us to have the battery hidden from prying eyes and protected from the inclemency of the weather.

Cruiser bicycles are a proposal to cover kilometers in a daring, fun and original way. Its name comes from the English "Cruise", a term that refers to its original purpose to cover long distances at a medium and constant pace. Enjoy the chosen route inch by inch, because the important thing is to savor what separates you from your destination.