You no longer need to be brave enough to ride where no one has ridden before thanks to 4" tires that float through muddy mountains, gravel, snowy trails, sandy beaches, dominating any type of terrain and over almost anything you choose to pass so you can go further and higher.

Set Descending Direction

Fat ebikes

Fat bikes are being crowned as the best option as an all-terrain bike, their huge tires work as permanent suspensions, smoothing out the roughest terrain, thanks to their powerful electric motors there will be no profile that will resist you, get ready to have the time of your life pedaling as never before.

Want to smash everything in your path, and do it in style?

Rear forks with 170 mm clearance at the rear axle can work with a wide variety of axles and tires from different companies without worrying about tire rubbing on the frame.

Speaking of big tires, FatBikes can be ridden with fat tires between 3 and 5 inches (7.6 cm and 12.7 cm) which will ensure much more grip on uneven or inconsistent terrain such as powder snow, fine sand or dense mud. The problem with these fat tires that provide so much grip is that they are as easy to move as a conventional tire, which is why electric kits are so popular on this type of bike.

This type of bike looks spectacular with such wide tires, and when you're on it, it looks like you're riding a monster truck ready to jump over several cars with little effort.

The daily jungle safari in the big city will be a comfortable ride over cracks, roadworks, kerbs and other usual road impediments, but on a Fat no obstacle will be big enough for the fat 4-inch wheels.

On the beach, FatBikes mark their territory, no bike or electric bike is good enough to cross the fine sand, pedaling is always hell, the wheels sink in and it is very difficult to move. On a fat tire bike the sand is compacted under the wide tires as if you were riding on pavement. Enjoy those captivating sunsets while taking a relaxing ride along the seafront, away from the crowded promenades.

Fat bikes were born in deepest Alaska, where snowy seasons are almost every month. The need was for a bike that would be able to traverse mountains of powdery snow or large expanses of slippery ice. The wide tires provide grip and because they have such a large footprint they can get through powder without sinking.

Are you a skiing enthusiast? Have you ever tried to ride down the snowy slopes on a bike without paying a forfeit? Now with an electric Fat Bike you can!

Electric fatbikes pneumatic:

High traction: Due to the larger contact patch, wide tires offer better grip than any other tire on uneven pavement.

Incredible shock absorption capacity: These fat wheel bikes have tires rated for ultra-low pressure (5-35 psi) which absorbs imperfections, and brings a great riding experience.