Terms and Conditions

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the purchase and shipment of Products in Europe through our Bikelec website. Please read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale before making your purchase. By confirming an order through this site, it is understood that you have read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale set out in this document and that you confirm their full acceptance. 

The visitor agrees to use this website and the services offered in accordance with the law, these general terms and conditions, as well as generally accepted morality and public order.

Information relating to the products

The photos, prices or descriptions, hosted on the Bikelec website, of the Products presented are not contractual, they may contain errors or minor mistakes. We make every effort to ensure that the information pertaining to the Products presented is as accurate as possible and that it is up to date at all times. However, we cannot guarantee the absence of inadvertent or inadvertent errors in the description and/or price and/or photos of the Products, nor can we guarantee the continued availability of the Products when you wish to place an order to purchase them.

The materials contained on our website should not be considered as a definitive statement or representation regarding the Products. All images, illustrations and descriptions of the Products are published for informational purposes only. You should contact us if you require any additional information relating to the items/products.

Rodars Bikelec SL reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the information of any Product presented on our Bikelec website, including information on prices, descriptions, pictures and availability of the Products.

From time to time, Bikelec/Rodars Bikelec SL may send you an e-mail related to our products.

Product warranties 

In the case of new products, we shall be liable to consumers in accordance with the statutory provisions. This also means that we, in the event that a Customer makes a claim regarding a defect, are entitled to have the defect assessed by an authorized BIKELEC dealer. As such, we may refuse to provide a service if you do not allow us to perform such an assessment. Within the scope of subsequent performance, we will reserve the right to decide either to repair the defect or to provide or, as the case may be, manufacture a replacement.

All different types of RODARS models are manufactured with high quality materials and are assembled by professionals, piece by piece according to the configuration selected by each customer. All RODARS frames are carefully manufactured by hand and undergo a thorough quality control during construction and before delivery.

Upon purchase, BIKELEC grants a voluntary manufacturer's warranty to remedy defects in material and workmanship in accordance with the following provisions.

The following provisions describing the requirements and scope of our warranty shall not affect the seller's warranty obligations under the Purchase agreement with the end customer.

This warranty is valid in the European Union, the contracting states of the agreement on the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

The warranty provider is:


Avd San Ignacio de Loyola 179, 24010

León - Spain




5 YEARS* - FRAMES (carbon and aluminum).

*From the date of purchase for the first legitimate owner.


2 YEARS - Both mechanical and electrical components.



- Normal wear and tear from various types of use. Parts subject to wear and tear include: batteries, motors, bearings, cable housings, lubricants, brake fluid, chains, sprockets, brake pads, tires and grips.

- Incorrect assembly.

- Inadequate maintenance.

- Damage caused by corrosion.

- Installation of replacement parts or accessories that were not originally intended for or are not compatible with this bicycle.

- Damage or malfunctions due to accidents, mishandling or neglect.

- Accidents or damage due to falls.

- Labor charges for replacement of parts or modifications.



- Misuse of the product.

- Non-intended use of the product, jumping and other excessive use - Non-compliance with the instruction manual

- Failure to comply with the periodic inspections prescribed by a specialist dealer - Any alteration to the frames, forks or other parts of the product

- Any alteration to the frames, forks or components.


These benefits are in addition to the legal warranties and those offered for a specific period by each manufacturer.

This warranty is valid from the date of purchase, applies exclusively to the first legal owner and is not transferable. This warranty shall apply exclusively to RODARS bicycles purchased from an authorized dealer or distributor.

All products and product parts not explicitly mentioned are not covered by this warranty. However, as a general rule, original parts and components are protected by the warranty of the respective part or component manufacturer and must also be reported to the respective manufacturer.


Claims and warranty claims

Claims will only be processed through an authorized dealer.

To make a warranty claim, the bicycle must be taken to an authorized RODARS dealer. Your dealer is always your point of contact for warranty. The bicycle must be fully assembled. The purchase receipt with the date of purchase and the identifying frame number must be shown.

In warranty claims defective frames will be repaired or replaced with a corresponding model. Replaced parts become the property of BIKELEC. Bikelec does not warrant that all installed components are compatible with replacement frames.

Warranty claims do not extend the warranty period or initiate a new warranty period. The warranty period for installed replacement parts will cease at the end of the warranty period for the entire bicycle.

Under no circumstances does this warranty cover travel or shipping costs to transport the RODARS product to an authorized BIKELEC dealer. Such expenses shall be borne by the warranty holder.


Exclusion of other claims 

Further claims, in particular claims for the replacement of damages other than those occurring on the bicycle, are excluded insofar as there is no mandatory legal liability. Warranty claims reported in a country other than the country of purchase may give rise to corresponding charges or other restrictions, which the warranty provider may define at its reasonable discretion.

Wear and tear caused by normal use of our goods does not constitute a defect and therefore does not represent grounds for a claim by the Customer (or the Consumer). 

In the event of force majeure (e.g. war, natural disasters, epidemics, strikes or other events beyond our control) affecting our performance obligations, we shall be released from our performance obligation for the duration of such events. If our performance obligations are delayed for more than three months due to force majeure, either party may terminate the contract after that time.


Authorized RODARS Distributors 

In order to maintain the quality level of the products and to meet the expectations of the final consumers, in terms of use and durability of the products, RODARS BIKELEC SL uses a selective distribution system to distribute RODARS products exclusively through specialized distributors competent and authorized to sell them.

An authorized distributor for the sale of RODARS models, is that store focused on the sector that sells related products and employs competent personnel and specialized managers who offer technical and qualified advice.

The following document is intended to establish the rules that will govern the collaboration between the specialized dealer and BIKELEC, for this purpose objective criteria will be defined regarding the quality of sales and after-sales service, customer service, sales area and presentation of the same.

With the acceptance of the invoice by the distributor and/or signature of the contract/order form, the DISTRIBUTOR-BIKELEC agreement will automatically come into force.

  1. The goods covered by this agreement are the products distributed by BIKELEC.
  2. According to this agreement, RODARS products may only be sold in retail outlets known and authorized by BIKELEC for this purpose.
  3. The specialized distributor will order through B2b the products it needs to sell. The bicycles will be assembled according to your order and configuration, needing at least 24h to properly prepare each order, more time than mentioned, if the quantity exceeds 10 units. The bicycles will be perfectly packed and shipped to your delivery address. The specialized distributor will assemble the wheel, handlebars or necessary parts, according to each model, in his own workshop and will put the bicycles on sale/exhibition.
  4. The specialist dealer undertakes to sell the contractual goods exclusively to end consumers. The distributor is not authorized to deliver the goods to commercial third parties that are not authorized BIKELEC distributors, regardless of the type of transaction.
  5. At the time of sale the distributor shall deliver to each customer the product properly adjusted and functional, making adjustments and revisions as necessary to meet the customer's demand for quality. Subsequently, the distributor shall provide the level of after-sales service required and up to the needs of each customer. Managing any problems arising from the warranty of the product sold and using the man-hours necessary for the replacement or maintenance required during the life of use of the bicycle, for which it must have a workshop or customer service area. Being BIKELEC the supplier of all parts at all times, except for specific moments of stock rupture of any particular part.
  6. RODARS BIKELEC SL, reserves the right to modify a point of sale if it does not meet the established criteria.

Technical Service 

RODARS BIKELEC offers a warranty with its products subject to the warranty conditions detailed in the owner's manual. The specialist dealer undertakes to support RODARS customers in the event of faults related to assembly or sale. This also applies to contracted products, which were purchased from another RODARS dealer.

Trademarks and intellectual property

The authorized dealer acknowledges all intellectual property rights, including all trademarks, design rights, copyrights and patents in connection with the contract goods as the exclusive property of RODARS BIKELEC SL and undertakes not to violate, challenge or contest these rights.

The specialist dealer may only make use of the RODARS brand or its products in its own advertising campaigns after consulting and receiving the express consent of RODARS BIKELEC SL.

Commercial practices

The specialist dealer's business practices shall be characterized by fairness and shall refrain from any activity that may damage the reputation of RODARS and/or the reputation and quality of the contract goods in any way. In particular, the specialist distributor shall recognize that prompt customer service tailored to customer demographics is required due to the needs of these high quality products. This includes authorized RODARS dealers supporting each other with spare parts or products to the extent possible and treating customers of other RODARS dealers with the same attention as their own customers.

In the event that this Agreement is terminated, regardless of the reason, the authorized dealer shall promptly remove all indications specifying it as an authorized dealer of RODARS products. The authorized dealer is authorized to use any other RODARS-specific material until all products are sold, provided that they comply with the essential requirements detailed in the agreement.

Final provisions 

Both parties agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions and for all disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement and expressly waive any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the place where the factory is located, i.e. the city of León.

Spanish law shall apply to the exclusion of the provisions of private international law and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

b2b Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all business transactions with the customer, including future transactions.

Deviating, additional or contrary terms and conditions of the Buyer shall only become part of the Contract if we explicitly acknowledge them in writing. The following terms and conditions shall also apply if we fulfill an order without reservation, even if we are aware of contrary terms and conditions of the Customer.


Proposal and conclusion of the Contract

Our proposals are subject to confirmation in all cases. An order placed by the Customer shall be deemed to be a binding offer to conclude a Contract. We shall declare our acceptance within two weeks of receipt of the offer by sending an order confirmation or by dispatching the ordered goods.

Insofar as we make changes to the order in the order confirmation, these changes shall be binding if we make these changes known and the Customer does not object to them within three days or the changes are customary in the trade or the changes were not material and therefore do not impair the subject matter of the Contract.

Product descriptions, services, technical information, pictures or illustrations shall only be deemed to be a characteristic feature of the ordered goods if this is expressly stated in our order confirmation.

Changes to the order resulting from changes in the legal framework conditions are outside our sphere of influence and are permitted at all times.


Delivery times / delays / statute of limitations

All deadlines that we indicate are not binding, but informative, the manufacturing and assembly process may require additional time at specific times without that could be detrimental to RODARS BIKELEC SL as a factory of electric bicycles.


Products out of stock 

From Bikelec, we make every effort to ensure that the information relating to the products presented on our website is always accurate and up to date. However, when you place an order, certain products or parts that we use to assemble all bicycles, tricycles or scooters may be out of stock.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to ship the product(s) ordered within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date you place your order, we will cancel the order in full and refund the full cost of the product(s). Nothing in the foregoing shall limit your rights with respect to defective products.


Payment Methods

You may make your payment by bank transfer to any of our bank accounts, to the following entities:

  • Banco Santander
  • La Caixa
  • Banco Sabadell Atlántico
  • Ibercaja
  • Through the Paypal payment network.
  • Debit or credit card.
  • Any of the payment methods enabled in your specific country.

The currency of the transaction will be the Euro.


How are the products delivered and how can I track an order?

Products ordered through the Bikelec website will be sent by express mail. For individuals, shipping costs will be free for any order over 1000 euros. Delivery will be made by an express courier service during normal opening hours.

 Products can only be shipped to the rest of the world with our prior agreement and with the application of an additional amount specific to each situation. Delivery fees may apply to your order. 

We will endeavor to ensure that delivery of the Products is made within the timescales specified in our General Terms and Conditions of Sale. However, any delivery time or date specified by us will only be an estimate and we will not be liable for any loss or damage you may be subject to in the event of an unavoidable delay in delivery for reasons beyond our reasonable control.

In the event that no one is able to receive the Product or responds to the delivery person at the specified delivery address, the carrier will leave a delivery notice in your mailbox.

You will be able to check the current status of your order on the carrier's home page if the carrier makes a tracking service available to you, by means of the complete tracking number ("track") communicated by the system or by e-mail the day after shipment.

The products are shipped insured to guarantee the perfect state of reception of the same or to be able to carry out the necessary actions for the replacement of parts if the product is damaged during transport.

The Customer or authorized distributor undertakes to inspect the goods immediately after delivery to ensure that they are complete and free of defects. This also applies to partial deliveries. In the event that the Customer fails to carry out this inspection, the delivery shall be deemed to comply with the requirements of the Contract if the non-delivery or defect could have been identified during such inspection.

In the event of a defect, we may have a reasonable period of time to decide whether to rectify the defect (repair) or provide a replacement (subsequent delivery). We will bear the necessary costs of the parts to rectify the situation and labor in case of the private customer, in case of authorized dealer who must have a specialized workshop, it will be the same dealer who will perform the replacement or repair operations. The costs arising from the goods being in a place other than the place of performance shall not be considered necessary costs.


Delivery times

All products will be shipped from our warehouse in Leon, Spain. 

All models are assembled by pieces according to the configuration of each customer, the average preparation time is 24 hours, from the day of receipt of payment, if there is no queue in the factory for assembly, excluding weekends and holidays.

In the case of an order of several units, the estimated time will depend on the availability of the chosen parts, i.e. 7 working days for the minimum time of availability and 15 days for the maximum. In the case of batteries, in order to improve customer satisfaction and guarantee the quality of the battery, and especially in the case of large capacity batteries that are not always in stock, they will be assembled once the order is placed within 15 days for the supply of specific cells, their assembly and balancing. 

Once the product has been assembled, it will be shipped by an express courier service that will need between 3 and 5 working days for delivery in Europe, depending on the destination. This delivery time is not binding for BIKELEC, since the deliveries are in the hands of the specialized transport agencies without the possibility for BIKELEC to manage or influence these times and forms of delivery. 

For other destinations, please contact us.


Return, withdrawal and cancellation policy

The models of the RODARS brand, are custom assembled for each order, according to the configuration of each customer, even being custom orders, Bikelec allows you to exchange or return your product: if you have received the product you purchased damaged or incomplete, or want to cancel the purchase, you can exchange or return it within 14 days from the date of receipt by contacting us directly by phone or email, the state of the product to be returned must be the same as at the time of delivery. Transport is at the customer's expense and must be insured for the value of its contents.

Right of revocation

As a consumer, you have the following right of revocation:

You have the right to cancel this Contract within fourteen days without stating any reason by having the product new and unused. The revocation period shall last for fourteen days from the day on which you or a third party named by you, who is not the carrier, took the final goods into your possession.

To exercise your right of revocation, you must inform the Company RODARS BIKELEC SL Avd San Ignacio de Loyola nº 179, 24010, León, Spain by telephone or e-mail of your decision to cancel this Contract by an unequivocal statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or an e-mail). 

You may use the attached revocation form template for this purpose, although this is not a requirement. To meet the revocation deadline, you must send the notice of your wish to exercise your right of revocation before the revocation period expires.

Consequences of revocation

Refund of the purchase price

If you cancel this Agreement, we will refund all payments we have received from you, including the cost of delivery to your home address, if your product was not eligible for free shipping at the time of purchase.

Without delay and within fourteen days of the day on which we receive notice of your desire to cancel this Agreement. To refund all payments, we will use the same means of payment you used for the original transaction, unless a different means has been explicitly agreed with you; under no circumstances will you be charged an extra fee for this refund.

The full refund will be withheld until we have received the goods back and the condition of the goods has been checked, which must be the same as at the time of delivery, without being able to have made personal use of the vehicle.

The item must be exchanged or returned unused, keeping all its original packaging and in perfect condition, with the accessories and promotional gifts associated with the sale. 

The invoice, shipping order or exchange ticket must be presented.

Once the Product has been received, our authorized technicians will be able to check that there are no faults or damages attributable to the consumer. Bikelec will have the possibility to send an inspector to the customer's home before proceeding with the exchange.

If the customer needs help to disassemble the product or for any installation of the article and resorts to a store or workshop, Bikelec will not be responsible in any case for any damage or deterioration that may result from it.


Return of goods

If the goods to which the revocation relates were sent to you, you shall without delay and in any event not later than fourteen days after the day on which you notified us of the revocation, send or deliver the goods to us.

You shall bear the immediate costs of returning the goods to us. The costs are estimated to be a maximum of around € 60.00 per item, depending on the area of Europe in which you are located. 

You will only be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from handling that is beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the goods.



As manufacturers, all of our prices are net, exclusive of value added tax. Our prices are for delivery from the shipping warehouse or place of delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

Prices are subject to sudden variations as the bicycle parts market evolves or if in a specific period some of the parts used for assembly should be replaced by others of lower, equal or higher quality adjusting the price accordingly.

RODARS BIKELEC SL reserves the right to modify and replace any part without prior notice, even in the event that the final sale price is modified, as long as it is due to force majeure.

Invoices will be paid prior to assembly, RODARS BIKELEC SL will never pass an assembly order to the factory of an unpaid product, since all models are assembled to measure according to the requirements of each customer or distributor.

If the period of time between the date the order is placed and the delivery date indicated in the order confirmation is longer than 4 months, we reserve the right to modify prices or conditions.


Any user of this website can electronically store or print a copy of these General Conditions of Sale.

Rodars Bikelec SL reserves the right to modify the legal conditions set out in this document without prior notice.