In this category of urban electric bicycles, you will discover a selection of our most urbanite offer, models designed for those who travel the city continuously and who require an agile and fast means of transport, at the same time as being silent and smooth.

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Urban or city electric bicycles.

They represent much more than just functional "bicycles" as a means of transport for the purpose of saving time in the city by moving at full speed from A to B.

The wide range of models classified as Urban Bikes created for all tastes and the certainty for all cyclists that they will find the best electric bike. We cannot ignore the fact that, as their name suggests, they are designed primarily for urban use, they are built with the idea of facilitating the user's day-to-day life by accommodating modern style habits.

We offer the perfect solution to cope with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In each model, we aim for the same amount of comfort as robustness, a recipe for even the most demanding palates.

Urban and fast electric bicycles

The development of cycle paths in urban areas has encouraged more and more users to take up cycling as an alternative means of transport. The recent introduction of modern e-bikes or pedelecs to the cycling market is also responsible for a growing share of the urban bike market. To ride a pedelec, no more than a little experience is required, you can try it out in a place without traffic until you control the assistance levels, the power delivered by the motor and how it delivers it, after a few minutes you are ready to feel like the fastest rider on any road. Riding an urban ebike we have to keep in mind that other cyclists and drivers are not aware of the speeds at which we can move, they see a bike and our brain automatically calculates the average speed it estimates a cyclist can move to make the decision to cross or leave a side street, otherwise we can be subject to an unwanted and avoidable collision. With all this in mind, urban pedelecs are a great alternative to congested city traffic.

Urban ebikes - masters of the city traffic

City eBikes are mainly used in urban areas. They are used to a greater extent to carry out all the tasks that are not even worth attempting with a car, or to escape the urban jungle and move around quietly ignoring the daily traffic on the cycle paths that criss-cross the cities.

City e-bikes have wide, open frames with the center bar as low as possible to facilitate access for men, women and anyone with limited mobility. This makes getting on and off particularly easy and safe.

By commuting every day with an electric city bike, everyday errands become more fun, without even realizing it, we are in direct contact with the environment and those daily pedal strokes will contribute enormously to maintaining an ironclad health.

What is so special about city cycling?

The distance between the handlebars and the seat is shorter than on other cycles. So, the city bike offers an upright seating position and allows safe riding in the confusing and intermittent city traffic. To support the back and especially the intervertebral discs, electric city bikes often have an excellent seat post suspension.

Unlike most sports bikes, an electric city bike is designed to be as pleasant to ride as possible, equipped with long mudguards and practical rear or front luggage racks, or both, and a lighting system suitable for being visible and seeing the road. You are always guaranteed a safe journey, you can take any route through the city without fear even of bad weather and that early darkness that stalks us in mid-afternoon in winter.

What you need to know before buying a bike urban electric?

Just like a pair of shoes, a city bike must also "fit". The frames are manufactured by carefully selecting the correct geometry, so that every rider feels the bike like a glove. The use of the wide range of size, handlebar, stem and seat posture adjustment options ensures that we are in a comfortable position to tackle any route on our city bike.

In general, the seat is usually placed high enough to avoid knee problems. Pay attention to the fact that the seat is wide and comfortable enough for you.

The wider the tire, the more comfortable it is to ride. You might like balloon tires such as Schwalbe or Fatbike tires that are especially guaranteed to be fun to ride in the city.

All urban models have seat post suspension, and while front suspension is neither mandatory nor often necessary for urban riding, it is more to preserve the tires and our comfort when there are high kerbs to negotiate.

We are sure you won't regret it because from now on you will enjoy a new way of getting around the city.