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Rodars electric bicycles

The Rodars brand, part of the Bikelec group, was created in 2007 with the aim of offering a quality brand at a really relevant price, available to any user for whom travelling by ebike was a necessity.

Maintaining control of the entire design and assembly process is a competitive advantage as you are assured of the final quality of each bike.

Electric bicycles and tricycles with in-wheel and central motor options, various battery capacities from the best and most reliable brands, such as Samsung and Panasonic, high-performance gear systems, Shimano and Tektro hydraulic and mechanical brakes, aluminum frames and a selection of superior components culminate in a great final product, designed and assembled entirely in the factory in León. From the factory in León, guarantees are managed to provide solutions and agility to the customers who trust in it.

All electrical components, the most sensitive part of all, come with a two-year warranty to give you the security and confidence that we have had in our tried and tested systems for so many years. Even the lithium batteries which, being made up of high-density, high-performance cells, by following a few simple maintenance steps will give you the same service life as the rest of the system.

Mechanical components also come with a 2-year warranty. Aluminum frames have a 5-year warranty, but will last a lifetime.

We will never be able to compete on price with cheap foreign bikes but they will never be able to compete with us on enthusiasm and dedication to our customers, as well as on quality and customer service.

We are proud to be part of the cycling community that is nowadays formed by all these people who are getting into the world of electric bikes.

Making our work and the production of Rodars electric models our passion has been our greatest achievement and what we are most proud of. We believe in a future of cheap, efficient and non-polluting vehicles that allow us to keep up with our daily pace without compromising our dedication.

Success is finding the necessary satisfaction to always give a little more than what is needed. So many years invested with the maximum dedication have allowed the company to grow to the point where we are now, with two large factories and more than 5000m2 from where we produce absolutely all kinds of bicycles and electric tricycles that we market.

Great strategic partners have allowed us to turn our sacrifice into recognition and share our enthusiasm with thousands of users, while maintaining the philosophy and firm belief in what we do.

When you have done the right thing and your customers confirm it, you are sure to do it again and again. To improve, at every step you must challenge yourself with the things you think you can't achieve, to get better.

The only way to do a great job is to have discipline and commitment in daily work, the knowledge gained is not only experience but also the skill of applying all the wisdom to practice.

We knew that a dream would not come true on its own, but would need a lot of determination, hard work and a great team. After so many years it is an honor for us to present you with this selection of Rodars electric bikes and to reaffirm our commitment to maintaining an unwavering determination.