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250W / 36V (45Nm)
500W / 36V (80Nm)
370Wh (36V/10Ah)
560Wh (36/15Ah)
745Wh (36V/20Ah)
930Wh (36V/25Ah)
Shimano Nexus 3V
Shimano Nexus 8V
20'' x 2''¼ Whitewhall
20'' x 2''¼ Road
20'' x 2''¼ Hybrid
City Gel
With backrest
Rearview Mirrors JR226
€17.49 €14.87
Eureka - Bafang Hub Motor

Bafang Hub Motor

Small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency and smooth & quiet running. 250W(45Nm) and 500W(80Nm) versions available.

Eureka - Removable Battery

Removable Battery

Batteries made from Samsung cells with capacities ranging from 370Wh (36V/10Ah) to 925Wh (36V/25Ah). Easy to remove or charge in place.

Eureka - KD21C LCD Display

KD21C LCD Display

Back lighten display with 5 levels of pedal assist. Tracks your total mileage, trip, speed and battery charge. Turns headlight On/Off.

Eureka - Shimano Nexus 3v

Shimano Nexus 3v

Internal gears allow you to change gear without pedaling, perfect for urban cycling. Smoother shifting and less maintenance.

Eureka - Parking Brake

Parking Brake

To engage squeeze the brake lever, press the button and release the lever. To disengage, squeeze the brake lever and the locking button releases.

Eureka - Tilting Frame

Tilting Frame

The front of the trike connects to the rear via a pivot axle that allows it to tilt as if it was a normal bike, while the rear remains fixed to the ground.

Eureka - Frame Lock Lever

Frame Lock Lever

A handle located on the handlebar allows you to lock the frame on the vertical position while stopped or parked.

Eureka - Narrow Frame

Narrow Frame

It's narrow width (66cm.) mean your tricycle will easily slip through tight spaces or any standard-width door frame.

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Electric System

Motor Bafang
Motor Type Front
Motor Power 250W (45Nm) / 500W (80Nm)
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Capacity 415Wh (36V/11,2Ah) / 575Wh (36V/15,6Ah) / 755Wh (36V/20,3Ah) / 905Wh (36V/24,5Ah)
Battery Brand Samsung
Battery Voltage 36V
Display LCD Digital KD21C (5 speeds)
Hand Throttle Optional


Frame Handlebar tilt and stability control
Frame Material Aluminium 6061


Gears 3 Speed
Derailleur Shimano Nexus
Shifter Nexus S41 RevoShift 3V
Crankset 38T
Chain KMC


Brakes Shimano Hub \ V-brake Tektro
Brake handle 83PDD with parking brake
Discs Drum \ V-Brake


Wheel 20"
Rims Aluminium double wall
Tires Kenda 20" x 1,95" \ Kenda 20" x 1,75"
Spokes Carbon steel with copper reinforced heads

Handlebar and Saddle

Stem 1"1/8 Adjustable Height
Handlebar City/Comfort Double Height
Headset 1"1/8
Saddle Cruiser Gel
Seatpost Promax suspension


Front Light LED
Rear Light LED
Pedals Wellgo Platform City
Mudguards Metal

Dimensions and Weights

Height 105 cm
Lenght 170 cm
Width 66 cm
Handlebar Height Min: 96 cm / Max: 108 cm
Saddle Height Min: 84 cm / Max: 98 cm
Other Rear Box: L 50 cm x W 50 x H 24 cm / Front Basket: L 28 cm x W 35 cm x H 29 cm
Maximum load 150 Kg.

The electric tricycle for adults Eureka is an excellent choice for those who want to ride in comfort and safety. It is ideal for people with reduced mobility, for those who have never learned to ride safely on two wheels.

The curved and reinforced design of the frame and its low height (98 centimeters maximum saddle height), make the access to the tricycle very easy and convenient. The 64 centimeters of width between its rear wheels will allow you to move through tight spaces or difficult routes.

It can also appeal to companies or individuals who need to make frequent short trips with cargo, as its sturdy 6061 aluminum frame can withstand up to 150 kg in total, taking into account the capacity of both baskets.

Riding with cargo will never again be an effort beyond what is feasible: Bafang's brushless front motor with 250 Watts of nominal power, 612 of maximum power, and a torque of 45Nm will provide the extra thrust needed to make the trip a smooth ride, and if you need more power to tackle steep slopes, the 500w option with a higher capacity battery allows you the freedom to ride using the throttle rather than using your legs, if you are unable to do so due to an injury or any other reason.

The Eureka electric trike is equipped with a system to control the tilt, easily operated from the handle located on the handlebar. With this system the user has at his disposal the possibility of allowing the tricycle to tilt, as if it were a bicycle, but without losing balance, since the three wheels remain fixed to the ground. Thanks to this the turns will not be complicated, avoiding the possibility of tipping over with the electric trike if the speed is higher than recommended at that moment or if we have reduced mobility and we find it difficult to stay upright in the rigid trike, thanks to the tilt system allows us a slight swing to better adapt to the trike and the conditions of the road, an option that few or no electric tricycles for cargo or transport, has on the market.

By selecting through the five assistance adjustment options, and the switching offered by the internal Shimano Nexus 3i gear shifting system, the driver can pedal rationally according to the conditions of the route and his personal style. In turn, the 10.4 Amp Samsung Li-ion batteries provide the power needed to ride up to 25 kilometers per hour, while ensuring an excellent range of 40-55 kilometers in the worst case, varying according to the route and the use of assistance. The intelligent charger quickly performs the complete charging process in 4.5 to 5 hours.

The on-board computer on the handlebars, with a legible and intuitive LCD display, provides the fundamental trip data (current speed, whether the legal throttle is activated, limiting the maximum speed, etc.), as well as allowing control of the assistance parameters and other functions such as turning on the lights.

The combination of Tektro "V" brakes on the front wheel and Shimano drum brakes on the rear wheels ensures the maneuverability of this small and energetic pack pony, both when moving in tight spaces and during full braking. The sturdy 20-inch diameter wheels, shod with sturdy and flexible Kenda tires, are responsible for the grip in turns and the transmission of thrust when moving, 1.75 inches wide at the front and 1.95 inches at the rear.

Finally, two features do not go unnoticed in this electric tricycle for adults. On the one hand, despite its small dimensions, the height adjustment of the saddle and handlebars allows both short adults and medium height people to ride, with the possibility of riding with the back upright for greater comfort and better thrust application. Similarly, its two baskets, the front one with a flirtatious design and the rear one much stronger, are positioned to provide stability while riding.

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