Product Warranty


What is the duration of the warranty?

For all Rodars e-Bike Models, since year of Manufacturing 2017, our 10th anniversary year:

5 Years warranty on frames (carbon and aluminium).

2 Years warranty on electrical and mechanical parts.

In the case of new products, we shall be liable to consumers in accordance with statutory provisions. This also means that we, in the event that a Customer makes a claim regarding a defect, are entitled to have the defect assessed by an authorised BIKELEC dealer. As such, we may refuse to provide a service if you do not allow us to carry out such an assessment. Within the scope of subsequent performance, we shall reserve the right to decide either to repair the defect or provide a replacement.

All different types of RODARS models are manufactured from high quality materials and are assembled by professionals, piece by piece according to the configuration selected by each customer. All RODARS frames are carefully manufactured by hand and undergo a thorough quality control during construction and before delivery.

After purchase, BIKELEC grants a voluntary manufacturer's warranty to remedy defects in material and workmanship in accordance with the following provisions.

The following provisions describing the requirements and scope of our warranty shall not affect the seller's warranty obligations arising from the Purchase agreement with the end customer.

This warranty is valid in the European Union, the contracting states of the agreement on the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

The warranty provider is:


Avd San Ignacio de Loyola 179, 24010

León - Spain


What is the process in case of warranty?

Rodars Models

To make a warranty claim, it is necessary to present the invoice with the date of purchase and the frame identification number. If you have purchased your bike through a dealer, they will provide you with the necessary assistance.

Claims will be handled through the authorised dealer where you purchased your bike, or directly with the factory if there is no dealer.

In the case of bicycles purchased online, in the event that any minor intervention is required to avoid transport costs and delays, you can go to a workshop you trust or near you and we will cover the costs. In the rare cases of problems greater than the , we will collect the bicycle, repair it or replace it and return it to you.

In warranty claims defective frames will be repaired or replaced with a corresponding model. Replaced parts become the property of BIKELEC. Bikelec does not guarantee that all installed components are compatible with replacement frames.

Warranty claims do not extend the warranty period or initiate a new warranty period. The warranty period for installed replacement parts will cease at the end of the warranty period for the entire bicycle.

Under no circumstances does this warranty cover the costs of transporting or shipping the product to the place of service. Such costs shall be borne by the warranty holder.

Other brands

Regarding bicycles from other manufacturers, the warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer apply. Bikelec will act as an intermediary whenever necessary in the related procedures.

For further information, please refer to the following links according to the brand:


If the warranty has expired, how do I solve my problem?

The process for a model out of warranty would be the same in any case, we will never neglect your model and you will always have the necessary parts and spare parts for the repair of your bicycle as well as a specialised workshop at your service.


Information regarding the products

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