Bulls Bikes has always aimed not to move away from the construction of ebikes with respect to conventional bikes, forcing itself to take on compromises and great challenges, so that the result is just as good.

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Bulls Electric Bikes

The German Bulls electric bikes have made a strong entry into the market. Since 2010, Bulls has been developing frames based on the ENDURACE LITE CONCEPT (ELC), paying special attention to riding comfort and to keeping the overall weight as low as possible without forgetting the optimal transmission of pedaling power. On the one hand, stiffness is essential, but on the other hand, a very stiff frame is not very efficient.

All BULLS frames are developed on the basis of this concept, to transform our power in the most optimal way, while maintaining comfort by cushioning the bumps in the best possible way. Due largely to the extra wide base of the seat tube and the chain stays close to the wheel axle, the use of the rider's energy increases exponentially, thus increasing the propulsion coefficient, which reflects the sense of their frames, thus ensuring that the energy used by the rider is not lost by being absorbed by a frame that twists.

When it comes to comfort, Bulls e-bikes are no slouch. The wider and flatter design of the tubes in the chainstays that surround the wheel axle offer the extra comfort we are looking for, absorbing a large part of the irregularities of the terrain. On the other hand, the oval-shaped tubes that run through the frame allow a quick and short compression, guaranteeing efficient damping when riding on uneven terrain.

The number of cyclists who use an electric motor to get where they had never imagined before continues to increase exponentially, such is the passion for these electric bicycles that they have even reached the field of sport. Based on the constant development that BULLS have had over the years in its bicycles, its extensive experience in the world of cycling in professional competition has been forced to move to the electric world, who else is in a better position to supply and satisfy such a demanding public as the user who is looking for an electric bike to explore the limits.

Bulls Bikes electrical system

In most of its electric models, BULLS mounts 250w central motors for daily use, on normal paths and roads with poor asphalt or in poor condition. This is especially true of the Hardtrail models, which are designed for this type of terrain without being mountain bikes. The Hardtrail models have a very low weight compared to other models and, together with the 250 watts of thrust, are especially fun to ride on any terrain. Carbon e-bikes are especially useful for those steeper slopes. In contrast to a conventional bike, climbing a hill on a bulls e-bike becomes something special, which is still there when you start the descent.

When the incline and the terrain itself becomes more demanding, it's time to bring out the BULLS electric ALL-MOUNTAINs, which feature full suspension, compensating much more efficiently for the extra weight that the electric system brings to the package. Thanks to its dual suspension system with 120 millimeters of travel, you'll be able to get over any bump or crevice without even knowing it. Its 250w central motors will support you at all times.

The BULLS Cross Electric series is what we need when our intention is not to climb steep slopes and we are looking for more sporty emotions, they will accompany us anywhere but where the Bulls Cross electric bikes really perform perfectly is through the daily jungle, they are supplied with the same central motors or BOSCH 250w, although not all models mount the BOSCH motors, others, as we will see later, mount BROSE systems. To power these motors, Bulls electric bikes have batteries of up to 750 watt hours, which according to BULLS guarantee, depending on the mode of use.

Bulls and BROSE engines

BROSE electrical systems offer maximum performance with minimum noise.

Brose, as a global manufacturer of electric motors with units ranging from 250 watts to 500 watts, guarantees that the systems will work perfectly for many years to come. Without a doubt, what we like most about these latest models that Bulls is bringing to the market for 2016 is the inclusion of the BROSE electric systems.

From the very beginning, the BROSE electric systems mounted by Bulls have been focused on manufacturing a state-of-the-art electric motor, especially by focusing on the adaptation of the electric motors in the frames.

BROSE started the production of their motors in 2010, already in 2011, they presented their first ebike prototype, the series production motor started in 2014, their most used motors are 250w and 500w which reaches an amazing 90 Newton Meter, incredible for such a small motor, both running at 36 volts.

The operation of the BROSE engines is very similar to Yamaha and different from Bosch, the Brose engine can be installed in three different ways.

The Brose mid-motor provides perfect pedaling support at all times. Thanks to its high torque, it can be aggressive when desired, at the same time quiet and above all vibration-free, the 250-watt unit produced in Berlin more than does its job with an acceleration of up to 90 Nm. The motor weighs just 3,600 grams and integrates perfectly into the frame, improving even the best center of gravity, just like all other or motors.

The 750 Watt hours and up to 950wh rechargeable battery is one of the most powerful compared to other electric systems. More and more mountain bikers will wonder what has overtaken them at such speed, especially on the slopes. Fully integrated into the frame, the power supply of the BROSE unit is invisible to the naked eye. If you think this masterpiece of technical design has an effect on performance, you'd be wrong: With 750 watts hours you'll have fun for a long time.

Like the other components of the BROSE unit, the digital display is also unobtrusive and functional. The central control unit is removable and informs the driver at all times of the important data to be displayed.

For those unfamiliar, as a brief introduction, MAX BROSE started its business in 1908 and has grown into a worldwide success story with more than 24,000 employees. The history of Brose is characterized by vision, strong entrepreneurial values and a determination to succeed.

Bulls and BOSCH engines

Leaving aside the Brose engines, Bulls presents a complete line called SONIC with the new Bosch Gen4 engines with 85 Newton Metro of thrust and an energetic and powerful power delivery.

They feature e-bikes with stylish and advanced frames, many of them in carbon.

Bulls and Shimano Step engines

Both the Brose, Bosch Performance CX and Shimano Step motor are located in the same position in the frame, and the motor undoubtedly plays a very important role in distributing the weight and force ratio. The central motor is located in the lowest part of the frame, giving the frame an extra weight that it didn't have before, thus lowering the center of gravity of the frame and the whole assembly. Imagine riding at full speed over a steep root that sticks out of the ground, as you ride over it with your feet on both pedals and jump over the bump, our center of gravity shifts as our weight shifts, but with the motor located as close to the ground as possible giving the whole assembly that extra weight, it will be much easier to regain control of the bike and maintain stability.