M1 Sporttechnik

The M1 Sporttechnik electric bikes are extremely robust, powerful, and fast. They are one of the most powerful ebikes on the market thanks to TQ System's CleanMobile Pin 120 central electric motor with power ratings ranging from 250w, 500w and 890 Watts in its most radical version and a torque of 120 Newton Metro in all versions.

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M1 SPITZING Models and Central Engine:

Within each range, there are two versions differentiated only by the thickness of the tire, the conventional model mounts Schwalbe NobbyNic 27.5" x 2.35" wheels and the model called "PLUS" the same Schwalbe NobbyNic 27.5" wheel model but in 3.0".

With this power, there is no obstacle in the way that can slow you down. Acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h takes just 7.5 seconds and it manages to reach 75 km/h. Located in the position of the frame closest to the ground, it manages to lower the center of gravity of the whole, improving the balance.

A central electric motor with so much power and torque is very insensitive to the brakes and gears (sprockets, derailleur and derailleur) because working with such high torque, if we try to change at a moment of maximum effort, there would be a lot of friction with these most sensitive parts, leading to the inevitable premature wear. To avoid this, the M1 Spitzing is equipped with sensors that disconnect the motor when the brake or shift button is activated, something intelligent and which we will be very grateful for in the long run.

M1 Sporttechnik 100% Carbon

The M1 Sporttechnik Spitzing models are perhaps, together with Rotwild, one of the most advanced ebikes, with a high-end carbon fiber frame that offers a very low weight for an electric bike, designed to achieve the perfect balance between power and weight. We cannot lose sight of its most important quality, the M1 SPITZING house motors with great strength and need a battery pack that can feed them properly, it does not help us to mount an 850w motor with a 400 Watt-hour battery, the motor would work limited.

M1 Sport Technik takes the name Spitzing, to name its e-bike collection, from a legendary German mountain in Bavaria.

M1 Spitzing Lithium Manganese Cobalt Lithium Manganese Cobalt Batteries

The M1 Sport technik's lithium-manganese cobalt batteries are almost twice the size of most average batteries, claiming 880 watt hours - 48volts x 18.5ah - so far the largest battery pack you'll find on a factory E-bike. This is one of the reasons why they are placed under the frame tube, looking for the lowest possible point to favor weight distribution for better balance and to lower the center of gravity as much as possible. Although this is indeed the most exposed position, especially on our extreme routes, riding between rocks, doing jumps or climbing the most complicated places, the M1 development team has anticipated and hidden the battery pack protected behind the strong casing prepared to withstand any impact.

With such a large battery pack, different motor versions and the different driving conditions encountered on each route, the range delivered by the M1 Spitzing models is very difficult to pin down. To give you a starting point, taking the lowest level of assistance and on flat terrain, you can cover 160 kilometers without much effort and this is incredible. The battery pack can be easily removed by releasing the lock provided at the bottom, to reduce the weight of the frame during transport or if you choose to use the M1 unassisted.

M1 Sporttechnik Connectivity

The on-board computer is fully functional, allowing us to control all aspects of the M1's operation, displaying important data such as speed, charge status, assistance level or distance traveled, in an integrated control center, and the handgrip allows for comfortable control in the hand.

The M1 allows you to be alone on your mountain route or share your experiences interactively as it connects to the world via Bluetooth.

M1 Enduro full suspension

The electric system that powers the Spitzing models is one of the best available, but it's not all motor and battery on the M1, these are high-end bikes designed for Enduro enjoyment.

Equipped with long travel double suspension, the front fork, the renowned FOX 36 Float 160mm and the rear suspension Fox Float 216/63. An advanced Shimano XT shadow Plus 10-speed gear system and Magura MT5 and MT4 hydraulic brakes with 203 fronts and 180mm rear discs.

For the rims, the M1 development team has opted for quality and reliability: DT Swiss M1900 for the normal model with 27.5" x 2.35" tires and DT Swiss 350 for the PLUS models with 27.5" x 3.0" wide tires.

M1 sizes and colors available.

The different M1 SPITZING models are available in two colors, Anthracite/Orange and Anthracite/Blue and in two sizes M(45cm) and L(50cm).

The Spitzing and Spitzing Plus models are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, assembled on thick carbon frame tubes that absorb the massive 120 Newton meters of torque delivered by the CleanMobile motor ensuring optimum handling and high stiffness. The rest of the high-end components are carefully chosen for quality craftsmanship. The design is not neglected at any point. The Spitzing meets all the objectives: more power, more speed, more agility, more fun, more autonomy.